more than two decades of ski writing, ski teaching, and ski publishing by Lito Tejada-Flores

Welcome to winter! Endless winter, winter that never stops... Winter in the mountains, white on white beneath an icy blue high-altitude sky; winter on the slopes, the whoosh of fresh powder beneath our skis; winter in our minds, in our hearts, still dreaming of perfect days—on skis—even in mid-summer... Winter on skis. Where we belong…


We ski in the present moment. Few things bring one as simply and directly into the present moment as the wind in one's face, the hushed sound of skis over snow, the effortless gravity-fueled flight down a winter mountainside on skis. This is it! The here and now. But our sport also has a past, a long history, rich traditions and a wonderful ongoing, evolving ski culture. Skiing and skiers escape definition. Our shared passion for winter and movement over snow almost represents a separate reality. Our own world: crisp, cold, snow-white, and perfect...


In I have enjoyed exploring ski history, skiing art, ski travels and of course, ski technique and equipment—the full spectrum.


Enjoy your visit, and as always,

                                            Good Skiing!


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