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Ski Writing

          The Magic of Skiing

             by my friend Don Lemos


Over the years I have often felt that poetry was the only way to really express my feelings about skiing - and I have loved sharing my ski poetry with readers of this web site. Imagine my delight and surprise, recently, when one of my oldest and best ski-instructor friends, Don Lemos, recited from memory a ski poem he had written a few years ago, to an appreciative apres-ski group of students in one of my intensive ski-week courses in Aspen. Even though this web page can't duplicate the fun and energy of Don reciting his own poem, I asked him if I could reproduce it here — proof positive that there is a poet in every skier! Thanks Don.













the Magic

       of Skiing


The Magic of Skiing

And surely it's there,

The body in motion,

The downhill dare.


The sensual feeling

Of arcing a turn,

The satisfaction felt

The better we learn.


And like a newborn babe

Marvelling at the feat,

Watching its movement,

An extraordinary treat.


Thus it is so,

When the forces we tame,

Ultimate control,

The master game.


And it ends not there,

Not just with a grin,

For powerful feelings

Are retained within.


They reflect in life

A value strong,

To handle the difficult

When all goes wrong.