more than two decades of ski writing, ski teaching, and ski publishing by Lito Tejada-Flores

Ski Writing

          Rocky Mountain Winter

             an autumn daydream










Rocky Mountain winter:

a tale of snow and silence and beauty;

take the time to take a moment outside time—


Rocky Mountain skiing:

a ballad of wind and speed and powder,

or a ballet, against a backdrop painted by the gods—


Rocky Mountain mountains:

picture perfect, sculptures of ice and snow

crystal sawtooth summits under midnight blue skies—


Rocky Mountain memories:

gold-dust hours in a gold-rush town,

strolling through new powder down storybook sidewalks—


I wrote this short poem some years back, when I was living in my adopted Rocky Mountain hometown, Telluride, Colorado. It pretty well captures my pre-season daydreams of winter, just around the corner.