more than two decades of ski writing, ski teaching, and ski publishing by Lito Tejada-Flores

Ski Writing

          Rocky Mountain Winter

             once more, with feeling.…











Rocky-Mountain winter

once more,

with feeling....

Rocky-Mountain winter

a landscape of light

waterfalls & peaks

turned to crystal


frozen into lace

paradox of cold powder

under southwestern skies,


marching dreamlike

towards lost horizons


These Rocky Mountains

are the perfect place

to fall in love again

with winter

to lose yourself

in a cloud of powder

to rediscover

frozen beauty:

frosted windows

silent flakes,

& air

that tastes like champagne,

to lean into the wind

& float down white carpet runs,

to glide like a shadow

among silent aspens,

to follow ermine tracks

deeper into the woods,

to give way to gravity


Rocky-Mountain evenings

You’ll ski back down

into a storybook ski town

like a visitor

from another world

to another world;

a main street

made for people not cars,

for loafing, chatting, walking;


you’ll order a second bottle

of old French wine

just because,

just because—

with nothing to celebrate

except being here

in this white oasis

at the beginning

of the 21st century;

you’ll walk out

arm in arm

into a circle of snowflakes

under old-fashioned street lamps

& wonder who turned this glass

paper-weight upside down again

& fall in love again

and again.