more than two decades of ski writing, ski teaching, and ski publishing by Lito Tejada-Flores

Ski Writing

          Marks in the Snow. . . .


the blank canvas of a winter morning

an overnight storm

a new mountain     a new skier

so many choices

the same turn a hundred times

a hundred turns all different.

first tracks     or maybe not

doesn’t matter

somewhere below our feet

somewhere below our skis

solid earth     a solid mountain

or maybe not

we know we can’t really fly

but in powder we are flying

and these tracks     so perfect

perfect signature of a skier’s ego

cursive writing     white on white

brush strokes     white on white

all that’s left when the dance is done

so soon gone on a stormy afternoon

filled-in as fast as we lay them down

sketches & notes no one needs to read

tracks     first tracks     last tracks

my tracks     your tracks

magic moments preserved

but only for a few more moments

and that’s enough