more than two decades of ski writing, ski teaching, and ski publishing by Lito Tejada-Flores

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Ski Books

This is Skiing

The Impossible Romance
of Sliding over Snow

photography by Linde Waidhofer, text by Lito Tejada-Flores..

80 full-color pages, $45 hardbound, plus shipping, printed on demand (see link below left). Also available in PDF format as a free download.


This is Skiing is all about why we ski.…


A great day on skis is often all we need to recover an optimistic sense that all is well in the world. At any rate in our sparkling midwinter world of snow and wind and joyous movement through space. All those hard-to-describe but ever-so-real feelings that I have been trying for years to put into words in my stories and essays and books.


Now I've collected the very best of everything I have written about skiing in one book, This is Skiing.


This is Skiing, is another collaboration with my wife and true love, photographer Linde Waidhofer. This is a book I have been dreaming about for years. And voilà, here it is.


I know as well as any author how many compromises one has to make when working with mainstream commercial publishers. But this book is different; my favorite ski writing, essays and poems, combined with Linde's strongest ski images from around this snowy planet, self-published with no compromises about content or image quality.


This book — really an art book about the soul of skiing — is the result of another breakthrough in printing technology by an on-line, on-demand book printing outfit called Blurb can actually print, bind and ship stunning full-color fine-art-quality books when you order them. A revolution in fine book making.


This is Skiing is an 80-page, hard-bound, full color, 10x8 inch book. It sells for $45, a heckuva lot less than the cost of a single lift ticket nowadays. Use the BookShow widget just to the left to preview the entire book, spread by spread. If you have a fast internet connection, be sure and click the full-screen icon to see a larger version of the book. Then, if you wish to buy your own hardbound, printed-to-order copy, click the link below the BookShow widget which will open the bookstore page where you can order the book.