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Tracks in the Snow

Stories from a Life on Skis

by Peter Shelton, 250 pages, $15.95 softbound, plus shipping

 Also available through, and soon to be available as a Kindle eBook.

Peter Shelton is simply one of the best ski writers—ever. His deft literary style would have gained him that distinction in whatever world he chose to land and to write about. But those of us who love this dance down snow-covered mountains that we call skiing are lucky that Peter’s passion, athletic gifts, and imagination led him to skiing. And that in ski writing he found his natural medium in a celebration of winter, grace and movement. On the pages of SKI magazine, and in a host of other Rocky Mountain and national publications, Peter has covered, explored and explained, and above all brought to life, the full spectrum of snowy adventures on two boards. Racing, high-alpine touring, avalanche busting, ski travel to the most exotic locations on our snowy planet, and the joys and challenges of raising a beautiful skiing family. It's all here. I have followed Peter’s writing about this sport we both treasure for years, and I can’t imagine a better companion for a day on skis – in midwinter thigh-deep powder, on velvet-textured spring corn, or on the printed page. In Tracks in the Snow Peter has collected all his favorite, and most intensely personal ski writing. These stories and tales of unforgettable moments on skis coalesce into a vivid autobiography of a remarkably rich and creative skier’s life.


You are going to love this book!

Good reading, and good skiing!


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