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Breakthrough on Skis I

Expert Skiing Simplified

the first video in Lito's Breakthrough on Skis series

One hour, DVD, with a printed explanatory booklet included, $29.95 plus postage, also available on




This beautifully produced video focuses on the all-important transition from average intermediate skiing (the famous intermediate rut) into the freer, more satisfying world of the expert skier.


This classic ski-instruction video set a new standard of simplicity and clarity in the ski-teaching world. Lito makes the point that expert skiing is no harder than intermediate skiing-- it's merely different. The mysteries of expert skiing are distilled into three key steps: 1. Learning to ride the outside ski of the turn in clean round arcs. 2. Developing a bombproof parallel start through early weight shift; and finally, 3. Mastering short linked turns, straight down the slope, by practicing dynamic anticipation-- a movement pattern where the skier's legs and feet turn from side to side, but the upper body does not....


Everything Lito presents in this first Breakthrough on Skis video applies directly to skiing on the new shaped skis - only shaped skis require even less effort...and deliver even better turns. Lito's explanation and demonstration of short linked turns with anticipation is a must, a wonderfully clear presentation of this critical expert skill - the indispensable hallmark of expert skiing.


Please Note: When this video first appeared it was called Breakthrouhough on Skis, The Video; however, once it became the first in a series of three, it seemed more appropriate to rename it Expertr Skiing Simplified.

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"What makes this video unique is its highly personal touch — a one-on-one instructional exercise in which the intermediate skier learns, in little more than an hour, the secrets and movement patterns a student would be introduced to during a week's worth of lessons....

This is the clearest and most convincing exposition on what it takes to get to expert skiing that you're ever likely to see or read. And at less than the price of a lift ticket, or a class lesson, it's more than worth the investment."

Dick Needham, former editor-in-chief, Ski magazine

later editor-in-chief, Inside Tracks


"In a video age top-heavy with fluff, Lito's film will change skiing lives. What Lito has done here, better than any instructor before him, is to distill expert skiing to its half-dozen essential skills. This is real skiing, attainable stuff, not whiz-bang infotainment."

Peter Shelton, contributing editor, Ski magazine

writing in Aspen magazine


"Breakthrough on Skis, the Video, is wonderful. It is just what it says it is, a lesson with Lito. Like the book, it makes simple and clear (and direct) mental images out of subtle physical actions, and that is the essence of a teacher's job. Well done."

Dick Dorworth

former coach of the U.S. Men's Ski Team