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Breakthrough on Skis III

The New Skis

the third video in Lito's Breakthrough on Skis series

53 minute DVD, with a printed explanatory booklet included, $29.95 plus postage, also available on




This one-hour video tackles the exciting subject of the revolutionary new ski design that has taken the world of winter sports by storm- deep sidecut, or super sidecut, or "shaped" skis - call them what you will, these skis are here to stay.


This video, beautifully shot in 16mm slo-motion color, represents the results of several years of Lito's experimentation in teaching students how to achieve new levels of performance on their new shaped skis. These skis are, indeed, a true revolution on the slopes. But by themselves, they don't guarantee expert performance. Shaped skis will slip and skid through awkward turns, whenever the skier uses too much force. Yet they'll also carve stunning, perfect arcs when skiers refine their balance and simplify their movements.


Lito demystifies these remarkable skis and, in a series of simplified steps, initiates the viewer into the enticing new world of pure carved turns.... As with Lito's earlier tapes, slow-motion and close-up camera work create a fresh new vision of how these new skis actually work on the snow.

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"As with Lito's previous two tapes, this one is easy on the eye, with a relaxed, conversational tone, soothing music, and crystal clear instruction. With each succeeding tape, Lito manages to make his instruction simpler and simpler. Where other instructors try to cram in as much as possible into an hour-long tape, Lito focuses on just a few key fundamentals, using lots of slow-motion Images to allow those points to sink in. Most revealing are the close-ups of the demonstrators' skis, designed to give the viewer a "fresh view of what really happens down at the snow level, where skier meets the mountain."

Skiing magazine


"Lito at it again, this time with an impressive new how-to video that takes the mystique out of mastering shaped skis.... As usual, Tejada-Flores brings all the subtle enhancements – a pleasant soundtrack, superb demonstrators...great slo-mo and a convincing, relaxed narration - that characterize his earlier videos....We wholeheartedly recommend Breakthrough III"

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"Breakthrough on Skis III, The New Skis, again combines Lito Tejada-Flores' gifts for the poetic and the practical. 'Skiing is the snowy interface between dream and reality' he says to gorgeous slow.motion sequences by Emmy-award winning cinematographer Edgar Boyles. And 'the better you ski, the closer you come to the sport we've all dreamed about.' Inspiration? Yes, in abundance. (The carving sequences featuring fellow instructor Harald Harb are alone worth the purchase price.) Cheap promises, never. As in Breakthroughs I and II, the instruction rests on solid fundamentals. But now, thanks to superior new tools, the goal of self-expression on skis, of personal style, is truly within reach."

Peter Shelton in Ski magazine